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Aetna Is Connecting Veterans with Job Opportunities

Military veterans have given their time and dedicated their lives to protecting our country. Thank you for looking out for them by helping them navigate the job market and opening doors to new opportunities.

Aetna is committed to helping you connect veterans with job opportunities here at home. We’re proud to promote open positions in a variety of fields. Fields like IT, health care, project management and many more.

Go to their job site and  follow these easy steps:

  • Go to http://aetna-veterans.jobs/
  • Log in to their profile. If they don’t have a profile, they can create one by selecting the “click here to create a new account” link.
  • Search job openings.
  • Enter the five-digit requisition number in the REQ# block.
  • Review the job description and apply.

Check out this online Job Source: 

Opportunity Weekly :  http://opportunityweekly.com/

Federal Contractors Want to Hire Veterans!

Check out this website: VetConnect@LocalJobNetwork.com 

or call Vet Connect at 800-984-3775

VetConnect – Employers Looking to Employ Veterans

job opportunities  that are with federal contractors who want to hire veterans (2350673).


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